Security Instrumentation
for Developers

Today’s development teams need to push new code to production as quickly as it’s written and tested without introducing new security risks. They also need security instrumentation that is easy to install, easy to manage, and doesn’t break their app. Legacy security tools weren’t built to protect modern applications. Ours is.

Secure your web apps, APIs, and microservices, and bring your security and DevOps teams together with Signal Sciences.

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Less WTF. More WAF!

We make web applications more secure. Simple as that. We provide unparalleled protection that security, operations, and engineering teams actually want to use.

We’re not just rethinking what’s possible with application security.
We’re revolutionizing it!

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Benefit 1

Focused on DevOps

Integrate Signal Sciences into toolchains for quick access and collaboration, and gain cross-team visibility into app metrics, performance and trends.

Chef relies on Signal Sciences for security at the speed of DevOps.
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Benefit 2

Any platform, one UI

Our software functions anywhere: in containers, on-prem, or in the cloud, and allows you to gain one unified view across your entire footprint.

Our architecture can support any app on any infrastructure.
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Benefit 3

Coverage against all threats

Block OWASP attacks, account takeovers, bad bots, application denial of service, and much more.

Glossier uses Signal Sciences to enhance their security posture.
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The world’s top companies trust Signal Sciences.

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See Signal Sciences in action. We’ve collected webinars, case studies, videos, and more to help you connect with our product and the industry on a deeper level.