You need to push new code as quickly as you can write it, with the confidence that a security system will catch any bugs without slowing you down or crashing your web app. You don’t want to be bogged down by infinite data—you want only what’s relevant to your code, runtime data that provides visibility into what you’re producing so that you can improve your code and push even more features out the door.


Signal Sciences empowers you to push code into production with confidence, knowing that you're secured against any vulnerabilities you may introduce. We rapidly provide both data and protection as threats arise without slowing you down, singling out exactly what’s being attacked and where so that you can strengthen your code efficiently and prioritize fixes when bugs are discovered.

Benefit 1

Relevant Visibility

The Signal Sciences RASP module requires a simple link with no additional code modification or instrumentation. Just link the library into your code, and our security platform is up and running within minutes.

Benefit 2

Prioritized Fixes

Signal Sciences allows you to focus on development while giving you the insights that help you write better code. With attack and anomaly data that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to in your hands, you can see what’s being attacked and how and receive real-time feedback if your pushes change attack patterns. By creating this code and security feedback loop, Signal Sciences empowers developers to become security team advocates and to remediate issues as quickly as they are discovered.

Benefit 3

Workflow Integration

Signal Sciences doesn't disrupt your organization’s workflow—it enhances it. Your development doesn’t have to change in order to secure your application. Signal Sciences’ security solution is built into your web app’s infrastructure already, and our growing list of partnerships and integrations enable increased visibility within the tools you already use.

The world’s top companies trust Signal Sciences.

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