Make security visible.

Prioritize your defensive efforts where your applications are actually targeted.

Our customers include

Signal Sciences provides our team with an easy to deploy defensive layer for our web applications. Their approach gives us situational awareness about where and how our applications are attacked so that we can best protect ourselves and our customers.

Jon Oberhide

Co-Founder & CTO, Duo Security

Signal Sciences has given us confidence in our application security posture especially for current and future acquisitions.

Ivan Leichtling

Head of Security, EAT24 & Yelp

It’s refreshing to work with a security product that not only provides exceptional security benefits, but also prioritizes performance, reliability, and overall operational manageability. Signal Sciences is easy for our devops team to support, which allows us to focus on the security capabilities it provides, rather than fighting with basic operational issues.

Jenner Holden

VP of Information Security, Taser

Our Product

Obtain visibility into attacks so you can prioritize your defensive efforts on the areas of your applications targeted most by attackers.

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About Us

Don’t worry, we’re not a fan of security vendors either. Our backgrounds aren’t from other vendor companies but instead from building and running real security teams. Additionally, we’re backed by some of the most well-respected CSOs and industry leaders out there.

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