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Our story

While running security engineering at Etsy we were often faced with the fact that security products on the market didn’t solve real world problems we encountered every day. The more we talked with our peers, the more we heard the same frustrations repeated across organizations and industries. We founded Signal Sciences to deliver pragmatic and effective solutions that counter the threats companies face on a daily basis. We know the challenges you’re facing because we’ve been there, and we’d like to help.


Andrew Peterson, CEO

Andrew brings nearly a decade of experience building successful multidisciplinary teams across five continents at organizations such as Google, The Clinton Foundation, and Etsy.

Nick Galbreath, CTO

Nick has scaled the engineering infrastructure and teams of over a half dozen startups and has published extensively on new security approaches in Continuous Deployment and DevOps environments.

Zane Lackey, CSO

Zane built and led the Etsy Security Team, where he pioneered and published new approaches to practical defense based on his background in offensive security.


O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures

Bryce Roberts, Founder

Harrison Metal

Michael Dearing, Founder

Alex Stamos

CSO, Facebook

Chad Dickerson

CEO, Etsy

Gene Kim

Founder, TripWire

Dan Kaminsky

Chief Scientist, White Ops

Jim Manico

Founder, Manicode Security

Bob Pasker

Technologist / Investor

Join us

We started Signal Sciences to take our experience defending high traffic organizations and use it to solve interesting problems in Internet security with fun people.

We’re growing our Engineering and Sales teams in Venice Beach. While experience in security never hurts, you'll have plenty of opportunity to learn those skills here working with the rest of the team.

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