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Signal Sciences FOR RETAIL

Defending the Digital Retail Experience

Signal Sciences Protects 5 of the Top 10 Retail Companies

Ecommerce has reshaped the retail landscape and will continue to evolve as consumers utilize new digital payment methods combined with augmented reality and other digital means to explore product purchase options. Successful retailers understand that web applications, APIs and microservices are critical to the success of their overall business.

Protecting web layer assets that are the backbone of e-commerce operations is critical to retailers that want to increase revenues while protecting their brand:  globally, retail transactions will grow to $6 trillion annually by 2022, fueled by mobile commerce and consumers’ willingness to transact business across geographic boundaries, from wherever they are.

Built from inception to inspect and decision on high volumes of web requests, Signal Sciences next-gen web application firewall (WAF) and runtime application self-protection (RASP) solution now protects more than 250 billion production web requests weekly and identifies and stops unique attackers every minute.

The Rising Tide of E-Commerce Fraud:
Methods, Patterns, & Defensive Measures

Signals Intelligence Presents the 2019 Retail E-Commerce Report

E-commerce Fraud Report

Built to Protect Retailer Digital Commerce Assets

Signal Sciences has transformed retail web application protection with a patented, automated cloud-native solution that detects and prevents targeted web layer attacks on any app while assisting retailers of all sizes meet critical regulatory compliance

Securing eCommerce that Propels Retail Organizations


Empower teams with intuitive dashboards and integrations that share key insights and attack details.



Provide reliable blocking decisions across OWASP Top 10, API abuse, Account Takeover feature abuse, and more


Protect critical apps, APIs and microservices wherever they run with no signatures to manage and no impact on performance

Shield Quotes

“Signal Sciences is a simple but effective solution that required minimal upfront configurations and next to zero on-going babysitting. Several installation options allow us the flexibility to install where it makes the most sense for our platforms.”

Paul Pieralde, Director of Security for Eventbrite

Revolutionizing Web Application Security for Retail Companies

Strengthening Security Posture While Meeting Pci Compliance

Eventbrite is a global events ticketing platform that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events including live music festivals, marathons, conferences and fundraisers.


Eventbrite had lost confidence in their security vulnerability scanner’s ability to identify malicious code or backdoors attackers could leverage, and needed a comprehensive solution to protect their global sites and M&A properties.


After deploying Signal Sciences, Eventbrite can block SQL Injection, XSS, and other attacks against their six global properties, but does so before these malicious requests reach their application servers, inherently freeing up resources for legitimate traffic, all with minimal tuning and maintenance.



  • Flexible installation and customizable deployment options
  • Fast time to value and minimal maintenance
  • Restored trust and peace of mind

Stopping Account Takeovers With Simple Setup And Ease Of Use

Glossier is a beauty ecommerce brand experiencing rapid growth. Glossier needed a way to protect their website and rising volume of user data from application attacks and account takeovers that didn’t require a lot of effort to setup and maintain.


As a growing eCommerce site, Glossier wanted to have visibility on site traffic patterns including attacks and anomalies that were occurring. Without a dedicated security team, Glossier’s CTO wanted to provide tools to the team that would help them understand what’s occurring in real time.


Signal Sciences showed immediate value and provided net-new visibility and protection over account takeover attempts and other application attacks.



  • Strengthens security in fast-paced development cycles
  • Achieves compliance within the highly regulated healthcare industry
  • Provides flexible, scalable application security for cloud-hosted applications

Security and Privacy Compliant

Signal Sciences embeds security into all aspects of our business: from how we treat customer data, to how we develop products and design security policies.

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