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Diversity, Equity,
Inclusion and Belonging
at Signal Sciences

We value diversity at Signal Sciences and are striving to improve ours because we know it makes us better.

We believe that having a diverse team improves our creative ability to solve the critical challenges that we and our customers face on a daily basis. We also believe that working alongside teammates with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives makes work more enriching and helps to expand our worldviews.

Additionally, we want all employees to feel that they genuinely belong and are empowered to express their ideas and contribute to a group where their input is valued.

We recognize that we are not as diverse a workforce today as we want to be and we’re working on improving that in a number of ways.

While we’re not the first security company to publicly publish diversity statistics, we believe transparency is one of the cornerstones to helping increase awareness both inside and outside our organization and lays the baseline for improvement.

Here’s where we currently stand:

All Employees

  • Female 23.4%
  • Male 76.6%
  • White 71.7%
  • Asian 13.1%
  • Two or More Races 6.9%
  • Hispanic 4.8%
  • Black 1.4%
  • Other 2.1%


  • Female 20.0%
  • Male 80.0%
  • White 80.0%
  • Asian 10.0%
  • Two or More Races 10.0%


  • Female 19.1%
  • Male 80.9%
  • White 66.0%
  • Asian 19.1%
  • Two or More Races 4.3%
  • Hispanic 4.3%
  • Black 4.3%
  • Other 2.1%

We’re eager to continue to build a company where every employee feels included and valued. But, we also feel an additional responsibility to be a part of changing the overall landscape in cyber security that particularly suffers from weak diverse representation (see Global Information Security Workforce Study: Women in Cybersecurity report showing that women hold just 11 percent of cybersecurity jobs globally).

We are revising our recruiting practices to better attract and hire diverse talent and are partnering with outside resources to support these efforts. We are also building internal cultural initiatives, driven by employees, to promote inclusion and belonging. We’ll continue to report on and update our stats via this webpage. We encourage our cyber security colleagues to publish their diversity statistics as well and applaud those who already have. We’re committed to driving awareness to help change our industry from within.

Andrew Peterson
CEO Signal Sciences

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