LeanTaaS needed a security solution that could provide both visibility into their cloud-based APIs and defense in real time.

The Challenges That LeanTaaS Experienced

LeanTaaS serves some of the leading hospitals and healthcare providers across the country using a lean approach coupled with data analytics to create more efficient medical facilities. They needed a solution that could secure their cloud-based web services and APIs as well as meet their HIPAA compliance requirements.

Why LeanTaaS Chose Signal Sciences

For a company like LeanTaaS where software is deployed all the time, Signal Sciences can be tightly integrated with the development and deployment process. Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries on the planet, and LeanTaaS finds themselves right in the middle as a service provider to medical establishments. They knew they needed security that works in real time.

The Results

LeanTaaS relies on Signal Sciences to detect and block known-bad threats as well as provide deep visibility across all their web services. Signal Sciences is a core component of LeanTaaS’ security and compliance toolkit.

  • They’re able to mix security with fast-paced development.
  • They achieved compliance and more within the highly regulated healthcare industry.
  • They have flexible, scalable application security for their cloud-hosted applications.
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