Integrations and Collaborations

Integrate Signal Sciences Web Protection Platform With Your Existing Tool Chain

Signal Sciences Web Protection Platform integrates with your tool chain.

Web application security doesn't happen in isolation. It doesn't matter if you run a cutting edge DevOps team or traditional security operation center. It takes a group of technologies to make security successful.

Signal Sciences Integrations and Collaborations Datasheet

Signal Sciences Integrations and Collaborations Datasheet

Signal Sciences Integrations and Collaborations

Just as it takes a team of people to secure the enterprise application landscape, it also takes a group of tools. Security systems are based on the input of relevant data points, analysis of security events, and the creation of useful output actions.

By integrating into your existing tool chain, Signal Sciences provides unparalleled visibility, a highly accurate and fast security analysis engine, and actionalble intelligence that connects easily to your current and future security infrastructure. Tool chain collaborations and integrations augmenting the input and output of data and results include: PagerDuty, Slack, HipChat, Pivotal Tracker, Jira, VictorOps, Pivotal Tracker, OpsGenie, and Datadog.

It doesn’t matter where you run your services or on what type of cloud or containerization systems. Signal Sciences helps enterprises achieve security success with an extensive out of the box set of integrations encompassing modern cloud, containerization, PaaS, and development architectures such as Docker, Kubernetes, NGINX Plus, Heroku, and IBM Bluemix.

Whether your enterprise is leading the DevOps movement or you are just testing the waters of modern development and security models, Signal Sciences enables you to embrace development speed while also gaining attack visibility and protection you’ve never had across your entire application portfolio. Enterprises worldwide are improving their application security programs with Next Generation Web Application Firewall technology from Signal Sciences. Signal Sciences is transforming the way web application security works.

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