Removing Last Roadblock to Continuous Delivery

Learn how to safely remove the last roadblock to continuous delivery in this webinar from Shannon Lietz and James Wickett.

August 2016

The Modern Security Series by Signal Sciences brings the best technologists around to present on modern security practices and approaches ranging from AppSec to DevOps.

Come each month and enjoy a fun and friendly presentation by some of the world’s foremost experts on topics that are shaping our industry for the future.

August 2016 - Safely Removing the Last Roadblock to Continuous Delivery

Shannon Lietz - Director of DevSecOps, Intuit

In August 2016, Shannon Lietz shared her roadmap to successfully bring together your development, operations, and security teams to achieve rugged software.

Shannon Lietz is an award winning innovator with over two decades of experience pursuing advanced security defenses and next generation security solutions. She is currently the DevSecOps leader for Intuit where she is responsible for setting and driving the company’s cloud security strategy, roadmap and implementation in support of corporate innovation. Previous to joining Intuit, Shannon worked for ServiceNow where she was responsible for the cloud security engineering efforts and Sony where she drove the implementation of a new secure data center after a large-scale security breach. She has founded a metrics company, led major initiatives for hosting organizations as a Master Security Architect, developed security software and consulted for many Fortune 500 organizations. Shannon holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Mount St. Mary’s College.

Brief Overview of This Modern Security Episode

  • Does your engineering organization often feel like security is a roadblock to faster deployments and software improvements?

Software needs to be awesome, resilient, available and “secure”, but Security has long been a big roadblock to fast deployments and software improvement. What if it wasn’t?

Continuous delivery requires operational functions to shift left and for an iterative approach to be taken. Security has not been easy to shift left and taking an iterative approach requires everyone to take responsibility. With a continuous security approach and everyone in the Software Supply Chain taking on the tasks of including security, its possible to achieve Rugged Software. This talk aims to provide a journey towards this approach and provide the path of success across your entire organization.

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