The DevOps Roadmap for Security

Rugged Principles, Practices, and Tooling for bringing the Security tribe into DevOps.

This is Signal Sciences' DevOps Roadmap for Security e-book. This book will go over rugged principles, practices, and tooling.

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The DevOps Roadmap for Security: Rugged Principles, Practices, and Tooling for bringing the Security tribe into DevOps.

DevOps is a culture, movement, and practice that enables collaboration between development and operations teams throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle, from design and development to production support. It breaks down entrenched silos, allowing organizations to transition from functional area delivery to a more holistic approach. This results in robust processes, exponential improvements in deployment times, and ultimately, superior results for a company’s bottom-line. Since DevOps was first coined in 2009, it has been a massive movement among engineering focused organizations. In the 2015 State of DevOps report, it was found that high-performers were able to deliver thirty times more frequently–rapidly decreasing the time from concept to cash.

DevOps is transformational in four key areas:

  • It treats all systems and infrastructure as code.
  • It shifts engineering culture towards total delivery and user experience.
  • It favors a faster delivery cadence and a reduction in changes per delivery.
  • It creates feedback loops in the runtime environment to inform development and operations.

In each of these four areas there is a common body of principles, practices, and tooling that are rapidly evolving. The DevOps Roadmap for Security will help you navigate these areas and suggest ways for security teams to get more involved with DevOps.

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