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Next-Generation Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Cloud WAF Deploys Easily With Just a DNS Change and No Agents

999 %
of customers in full blocking mode IN PRODUCTION
999 /5
Protected App
999 K+
Hybrid Cloud
999 +

Quickly and easily protect web applications, APIs and microservices—without dedicating headcount or additional resources

Protecting web applications, APIs and microservices wherever they operate—cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments—is easier and faster than ever with Signal Sciences Cloud WAF:

  • Deploys in minutes, not weeks or months
  • No agents to deploy
  • Single unified management console
  • Seamlessly protects both cloud and legacy applications

Easy Deployment for Web Protection that Scales

With a single change to a DNS record, web requests are routed to the Signal Sciences Cloud WAF to inspect and decision on those requests and block bad requests. Our unique solution provides robust detection and protection capabilities no matter where your organization’s applications operate or how rapidly they scale. No complex software installation or agents are required, so security and development teams can focus on high-value work and releasing code often to innovate.

How Cloud WAF Works

Our patented next-gen WAF technology provides advanced protection capabilities that provide precise web request instrumentation and context to stop any attack against any app deployed in any infrastructure—all without complex software installation. With a DNS change, all web requests are redirected to the Signal Sciences Cloud Engine where bad requests are detected and blocked. All good, legitimate traffic is forwarded to the customer’s application origin server.

Signal Sciences Cloud Engine

With a single management console, security and development teams get clear actionable insights without digging through several different interfaces. Integrations with DevOps tools like Slack, PagerDuty and Jira provide real-time alerting your team needs to stay ahead of the adversary.

No Agents To Deploy-and Manage

No agents to Deploy and Manage

Superior web app layer protection with just a DNS change.

Effective Protection

Effective Protection

95% of customers use Signal Sciences in full blocking mode.

Deploys In Minutes, Not Days Or Months

Deploys in Minutes, Not Days or Months

Deploys on average under an hour.

Protect Your Applications No Matter Where You Host Them

Protect Your Applications No Matter Where You Host Them

Cloud, containers, on-premise or hybrid environments.

Full Feature Parity

Full Feature Parity

Provides the same detection and protection capabilities of other Signal Sciences deployment methods with the same actionable insights, reporting and DevOps tool integrations.

Single Management Console

Single Management Console

Get actionable information and key metrics quickly in a single centralized interface, unlike legacy WAF vendors who force you to login into multiple tools to gain visibility.

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