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Stop Web Layer Attacks Before They Start

Application, API, Bot, ATO,
and App DDoS

Web application attacks continue to be the top source of data breaches. Modern application design and deployment has changed drastically over the past decade – and legacy WAF appliances have not adapted to these changes: based on defense technology over a decade old that relies on regular expression pattern matching, legacy WAF vendors cannot keep up with the speed of modern software DevOps development and deployment.

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999 %
of customers in full blocking mode IN PRODUCTION
999 /5
999 K+
999 +

Trusted by Leading Companies

Signal Sciences protects 1.6+ trillion production requests per week from over 40,000 applications for industry-leading customers.

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Why Signal Sciences?

Because Signal Sciences protects any app in any architecture and infrastructure and empowers your teams to both secure your web layer assets and innovate. Our patented dual agent-module design puts application defense where your apps, APIs and microservices operate and scales to meet the demands of the modern web.

With Signal Sciences you get:

Flexible Install Options

Our web protection technology works anywhere in your technology stack, whether in containers, on-prem or in the cloud and installs on average under an hour.

Central Management
& Unified Views

Create unparalleled reporting and alerting feedback loops for your security, development and operations teams, across your entire footprint.

Web Layer Asset Protection

Any combination of infrastructure and architecture: cloud provider, datacenter, web server, load balancer, language, or container orchestration framework.

Signal Sciences is a two-time Customers’ Choice for WAF with a 5 out of 5 overall rating

Our customers have spoken: Signal Sciences is the highest rated Web Application Firewalls (WAF) vendor. We were named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for WAF based on detailed end-user testimonials. In addition, we are the only vendor to be named a Customers’ Choice for two consecutive times and have an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars (as of March 17, 2020, based on 141 verified reviews).

Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice 2019, 2020

Protect Applications in Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Environments

Signal Sciences has transformed web application protection with a patented, automated solution that protects both cloud-native and legacy applications while preventing targeted web layer attacks on any app, API or microservice running in any infrastructure. We offer flexible deployment options—from installing in your web server or alongside your application runtime to reverse proxy–so you can leverage superior protection quickly.

Signal Sciences is the Web Security Force Multiplier


Self-serve security data and alerts empower teams to be proactive and solidify their security posture


Effective protection against web layer attacks with nearly no false positives: 95% of Signal Sciences customers are full blocking mode in production


Protect critical apps, APIs and microservices running in any environment with no signatures to manage and no impact on app performance

Shield Quotes

“Signal Sciences enables the security team to understand and track malicious activity against our applications keeping our customers safe. After its deployment and configuration there have been zero false positives.”

Anson Gomes
Anson Gomes, Lead Security Engineer, Betterment

Installs Quickly. No Rules Tuning.

Legacy WAF appliances cannot keep up with a dynamic, ever-expanding application footprint and provide little context into why they block web requests. But Signal Sciences was designed to protect the modern applications, API and microservices no matter what architecture or infrastructure they are deployed in:

Signal sciences
next-gen waf

Blocking Mode enabled

95% in blocking mode for all attacks
Estimated at <10% based on customer feedback

Architecture Compatibility

Same architecture and UI for unified management across all app deployments: web servers; app servers; PaaS; native, hybrid and multi-cloud; on-prem; serverless; containers
Poor for use with cloud CDN
(e.g Incapsula, Akamai Kona)
No unified management across different CDN WAF products

Attack Types

OWASP Top 10 only, Application DoS, Brute force/ATO attacks, Application abuse and misuse, Bad bots
OWASP Top 10 only

Deployment Time

Average is 62 minutes
(record time is under 1 minute)

Enables DevOps

Full alert details available to DevOps and security via Slack, Jira, Pagerduty, Splunk, and dozens more
Rarely used or accessed outside security, poor toolchain intergrations

Virtual Patching

PCI 6.6 Compliance

Next-Gen Protection for Your Apps, APIs and Microservices

Accurate, Effective, Scalable: Stop Attacks Before They Happen

  • 95% of Signal Sciences customers user our technology in full blocking mode in production
  • Real-time, automated security stops advanced web layer attacks beyond OWASP Top 10: account takeovers, bad bots, application denial of service, and more
  • Our technology automatically scales with your deployments in real time
Signal Sciences Dashboard

Make Strategic Decisions With Actionable Data

  • Provides detailed insights into your most attacked applications and functionality, including type of attack, time of attack, and point of origin
  • Get visibility into anomalous web request traffic
  • App teams know exactly when there’s a meaningful problem to address so your security team can easily prioritize their efforts

Integrates With Your Current Security and Operations Processes

  • Installs on average under 60 minutes (legacy WAFs can take weeks and months to deploy)
  • Access actionable data easily via unified management console
  • Alerts your team via popular DevOps tools like Slack, JIRA, Splunk and PagerDuty.
Site Integrations

App Security With Fast Time-to-Value:

  • Most installs are under an hour and our Cloud WAF deployment takes only minutes
  • Meet your PCI 6.6 compliance requirements
  • Requires no tuning, virtually no performance degradation, and exceptionally elastic
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