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Snapdocs relies on Signal Sciences to Prevent Wire Fraud
Snapdocs relies on Signal Sciences to upgrade their overall security posture by providing the real-time visibility necessary to prevent account takeovers and wire fraud.

Why Snapdocs Chose Signal Sciences

Snapdocs offers a loan closing automation application for the mortgage industry that provides a workflow for buyers, lenders, title and escrow representatives, and notaries. They needed technology that could provide the real-time visibility necessary to prevent account takeovers and upgrade their overall security posture.

The Challenges Snapdocs Experienced

The Engineering team at Snapdocs sought to identify malicious actors’ requests and other attack event patterns to prevent account takeovers. Additionally, they wanted faster visibility into attackers’ web requests in order to trigger alerts to stop them.

The Results

Within 48 hours of installing the Signal Sciences NGINX module, they enabled blocking mode in production and enhanced the overall security posture of their digital toolset for mortgage closing. After doing so, they not only blocked potential attacks but gained significant visibility provided by Power Rules.

Snapdocs has seen its workload reduced by automating deployment and updates, and by getting quick access to informed insights without compromising performance.

Signal Sciences solution provided the following key benefits for Snapdocs:

  • Gain additional flexibility necessary to prevent attacks against known tactics
  • Streamline operations with alerts that surface security events quickly
  • Auto-scalable web defense to stop account takeovers

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