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Case Studies

Finn AI

Signal Sciences Detects and Prevents Attacks Against Business Critical APIs
Finn AI needed visibility into API discovery attempts by malicious threat actors, as well as the ability to stop unusual activity against those same APIs that enable customers to use their natural language processing technology.

Why Finn AI Chose Signal Sciences

To go beyond traditional endpoint security offerings, Finn AI sought a security tool that would effectively detect and stop attacks at the application layer in the event network-level security tools failed.

The Challenges Finn AI Experienced

Finn AI acts as middleware, working between the commercial frontends and SDKs of a bank’s apps, including mobile apps. With Node.js as the core of their middleware, Finn AI selected Signal Sciences for effective inspection of API requests.

The Results

Aside from stopping attacks that evade other network layer tools, Finn AI relies on Signal Sciences to uncover the mass and types of attacks malicious actors attempt to use against their APIs. Other benefits include:

  • Visibility across the attack surface and a proactive defense
  • Maximize IT staff utilization while building security resilience

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