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Signal Sciences provides real-time visibility and complete attack coverage for Cybrary web applications and APIs
Cybrary needed to modernize their security infrastructure to gain real-time visibility and complete attack coverage over their business critical applications

Why Cybrary Chose Signal Sciences

Cybrary’s core criteria for choosing Signal Sciences was easy installation and management, integration with their tech stack, and providing complete visibility and coverage of attacks

The Challenges Cybrary Experienced

Cybrary was using an industry-leading legacy WAF that was difficult to configure and operated in a black box. Their small infrastructure team needed a modern solution that empowered, not hindered, their security practices.

The Results

After a two week pilot, Cybrary chose to replace their legacy WAF with Signal Sciences after demonstrating immediate value for the team, including:

  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Catching attacks that the legacy WAF was missing
  • Real-time dashboard visibility into attacks
  • Easy to search logs for debugging issues

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