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Case Studies


Read about how Axon, a leading self-defense company, deployed Signal Sciences' NGWAF solution to achieve its goals of application protection.
Since its founding in 1993, Axon (formerly TASER International) has been at the forefront of innovation in public safety technology.

Why Axon Chose Signal Sciences’s advanced evidence management system required an equally advanced web application security approach. Unfortunately, traditional WAFs weren’t compatible with Axon’s modern architecture and couldn’t be effectively deployed in production blocking mode. The traditional WAF options were inline and represented a potential single point of failure, which was unacceptable to the teams designing and operating the platform.

The Challenges That Axon Experienced

Axon’s security team built their home grown web application security solution with specific detection rules, in addition to evaluating multiple WAF technologies, but were not satisfied with any of the legacy solutions available on the market at the time of their evaluation.

  • AXON found themselves spending too much of their operational resources maintaining their home grown web application security solution.
  • Their own detection rules became difficult to maintain between development and security needs.

The AXON team needed the ability to more accurately detect and intelligently block attacks in progress against their sensitive data and assets for their agency customers, while not impacting performance, and operational efficiency.

The Results

Ultimately, AXON replaced their homegrown WAF solution with Signal Sciences. The combination of Signal Sciences’ ease of install that both product and security teams could support, along with true security visibility into attack signals that didn’t require configuration or tuning, allowed AXON to achieve its goals of application protection without compromise.

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