Our commitment
to web protection.

We’re not just rethinking what’s possible with web application security—we’re revolutionizing it. At Signal Sciences, we engineer big ideas with an eye on the future, building sustainable and wide-reaching solutions that not only serve teams’ immediate needs but also instinctively evolve along with them. We believe in simple, effective actions. We value teamwork.

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Our core values

The Signal Sciences Solution

We make web applications more secure. Simple as that. And we do it by providing an unparalleled platform that teams actually want to use. It’s flexible, exceptionally elastic, collaborative—and protects business initiatives like DevOps and cloud adoption without disrupting current workflows and processes already in place.

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We are practitioners first and vendors second.

Nick Galbreath

How we got here.

Our story begins at Etsy, where our founders were running security and growing increasingly frustrated with existing legacy technology that neither met flexible development needs nor provided useful attack data. So they built their own.

Our relationship to customers:

  • Helping Duo securely verify users’ identities for applications
  • Protecting OneMedical’s sensitive patient data and application from any malicious attacks while maintaining HIPAA compliance
  • Making sure Taser continues to influence public safety while protecting sensitive data
  • Aiding Honest Dollar in setting up retirement-savings programs for small businesses
Our Customers


Advisors & Investors

Alex Stamos

CSO, Facebook

Brad Arkin

CSO, Adobe

Dan Kaminsky

Chief Scientist, White Ops.

Shardul Shah

Partner, Index Ventures

Chad Dickerson

Former CEO, Etsy

Ryan McGeehan

Former Security Director, Facebook

Michael Dearing

Founder, Harrison Metal

John Allspaw

Former CTO, Etsy

Jim Manico

Founder, Manicode Security

Bob Pasker

Technologist / Investor

Bryce Roberts

Founder, O’Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures

Gene Kim

Founder, TripWire

Murat Bicer

General Partner, Charles River Ventures

The next generation of security.

The industry’s brightest minds comprise Signal Sciences, united by a dedication to building security software and excited to be leading the next generation of web protection. Open communication, teamwork, and transparent decision-making foster our diverse and creative culture.

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