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Nick Galbreath, CTO of Signal Sciences, spoke at GOTO Conference in London last fall and the videos were made public just a few weeks ago. Below is the talk abstract and the video from the event. Enjoy!

As “software eats the world”, being in software engineering has never been more exciting. The promise of software-as-manufacturing is here and it’s complex supply chains, virtual containers, and infrastructure-as-service have lead to huge advances in delivery, capability and availability. However, it has also blurred the line of what a “developer” (and others) are responsible for. In addition, engineering organizations are faced with demands of “going faster” while at the same time improving quality and security. Rugged Software Engineering is a start of dialog on resolving this conflict. Proposed are practical additions to ensure your software lifecycle is both rapid and rugged.

Nick Galbreath on ‘Rugged Software Engineering’ at Goto London

Signal Sciences’ industry first Next Generation Web Application Firewall is a SaaS security solution designed to help you prioritize your defensive efforts on the areas of your web site targeted most by attackers. Signal Sciences’ solutions impose practical difficulties on attackers, without breaking real customer traffic. Signal Sciences provides production web security and attack visibility allowing you to improve your application security operations.

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