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We are excited to announce our next Modern Security Series episode. This episode is for anyone that has to deal with appsec but at startups. Of course if you work at an enterprise you will learn things too, but this is geared to startups. This happens on March 1st, 4pm EST/1pm PST.


About Neil

Neil Matatall, Security Engineer at GitHub, is an engineer at GitHub focused on account and application security. Previously, Neil has been an engineer at Twitter, AT&T Interactive, and University of California Irvine. He has spent his entire career in the “builder” and “defender” camps. He spends his days lurking in the w3c-webappsec list and improving (or complicating) specifications via Twitter conversations.

More about the topic

It’s 2025. Many of the problems in appsec in <%= current_year %> have mitigations, maybe even solutions. The value of an appsec program is widely accepted as a requirement for any successful company. Yet XSS and other common vulnerabilities are still occupying the time of many engineering teams. Twubhubbook, a fictitious startup from the future, has the benefit of being a new startup: it’s mostly a blank slate situation. This is the story of how Twubhubbook rolled out their program without skipping a beat or breaking the bank. The purpose of this imaginary story is to provide practical advice that you can take to a current or future startup (sorry enterprise people) based on the successes and failures of today’s startups.


Fill out the signup form and get registered for Neil’s upcoming talk on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017. Can’t make it? Sign up anyway and get a copy of the recording after the talk!

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