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Signal Sciences Announces Support for Kong Enterprise API Platform

Joint Solution Allows Enterprises to Natively Secure Apps, APIs and Serverless Functions
CULVER CITY, Calif.   -

Signal Sciences, the most trusted brand in web defense with patented next-gen WAF and RASP technology, today announced support for the Kong Enterprise API platform and is featured as a launch partner with the newly announced Kong Hub.

Kong Enterprise streamlines the transition to microservices, offering a scalable, high-performance API platform that is used by leading enterprises including WeWork, Ferrari, Yahoo! Japan, Giphy, and SkyScanner. The most popular open source API management layer, Kong offers superb extensibility via its plugin marketplace and newly announced Kong Hub. Its solutions extend support management and authentication capabilities to serverless functions, including Lambda, Azure and OpenWhisk.

By joining forces, Signal Sciences and Kong are bringing enterprises the ability to natively secure their apps and APIs. The new joint solution is now also especially important for developers, as the solution increases visibility and insight into attacks on serverless functions used in conjunction with the serverless plugins available in the plugin marketplace.

Unlike legacy WAFs and RASP solutions that are not able to provide a high level of visibility into these attacks because of where they install, Signal Sciences, integrated into Kong’s API platform, can provide coverage across all platforms.

“The decision to partner with Kong was natural,” said Zane Lackey, CSO and founder of Signal Sciences. “Together, our solutions offer unmatched threat protection to support enterprises’ current platform architecture, as well as their future architecture decisions.”

“As today’s modern enterprise becomes increasingly complex, involving multi and hybrid cloud, containerized, serverless and monolith infrastructures, one security solution that unifies application attack data in a single pane of glass, easily viewable by all teams and business units, from security and development to operations, is not just a nice to have, it’s a have to have,” added Lackey.

Using the integrated Kong and Signal Sciences solution, enterprises can now easily collect insights to quickly and easily answer questions such as:

  • How are my APIs, microservices and serverless functions getting attacked at the source?
  • Where are the most attacks coming from? Are there anomalies and feature abuse coming from authenticated users?
  • Why did a sensitive transaction spike? What endpoints are being attacked the most? Is the attack a security issue or an operations one?

“Joining forces, Kong and Signal Sciences are bringing a solution to market that is addressing a long-time challenge,” said Cooper Marcus, director of ecosystem at Kong Inc. “Up until now, WAFs have required additional infrastructure resources and hops in the network topology, requiring deployment in front of or behind API gateways, with especially little insight into serverless functions. RASPs have always had to be deployed at the runtime framework layer, which doesn’t exist in serverless architectures.”

“Using the integrated solution from Kong and Signal Sciences gives us the support we need across all applications, including serverless applications, regardless of how or where they are deployed,” said Jonatha Agha, VP Information Security at WeWork. “With Kong and Signal Sciences, we get greater visibility and architectural flexibility than we have had in the past, without sacrificing performance.”

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