The power of the Web Protection Platform.

Signal Sciences is flexible through and through. It’s completely agnostic of your infrastructure choices, deploying in any application stack while integrating with your current workflows and operations processes. When traffic comes in, the Signal Sciences cloud analysis engine automatically and intelligently adapts in real time while reporting results to the dashboard—all without breaking traffic or requiring expensive maintenance. The result: paramount coverage that enhances workflow and empowers teams to embrace DevOps and cloud.

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We protect against the full spectrum of threats your web applications and APIs actually face.

  • Account Takeover
  • Business Logic Attacks
  • Application Abuse
  • Bots
  • Application DDoS
  • OWASP Top 10

A menu of
deployment options.

Signal Sciences provides enterprise buyers with a menu of deployment options that covers any cloud infrastructure in any server in any language while remaining exceptionally scalable. Simply select which input module makes most sense for your application.


Deployment Option #1: NGWAF

Our web protection platform embeds into your server (e.g., Apache, NGINX, IIS, etc.) in minutes with just a single line of configuration change. With the NGWAF deployment option, no changes to the application code have to be made whatsoever.


Deployment Option #2: RASP

Signal Sciences web protection platform deploys as a RASP by embedding a lightweight library into the source code of your application, requiring no heavy SDK or modification of the runtime system.


Deployment Option #3: Reverse Proxy

To avoid modifying legacy-based server or source code components, our web protection platform deploys in front of the web server as a reverse proxy. The reverse proxy module provides exceptional scalability and security without having to touch the source code or web server configuration itself.

The Signal Sciences cloud analysis engine.

An intelligent decision-making engine, the Signal Sciences cloud assesses data and attack signals, automatically updating detection and blocking policies in real time. Using aggregate attack signals, the cloud analysis engine identifies attacks as they occur and makes extremely accurate decisions, simultaneously returning an updated signals list to the agent and module while reporting anomaly and attack data to the dashboard.

Cloud analysis engine

Adaptive Network Effect

The cloud analysis engine adapts with every request handled, automatically developing new decisions and giving you the network benefit of every other customer on the platform.


Exceptionally Elastic

The Signal Sciences cloud grows with your spikes in traffic, scaling to meet your web app’s fluctuating needs. Our customers scale to some of the highest traffic sites on the Internet, and the Signal Sciences cloud scales in lock step to meet any load.

extensive coverage

Extensive Coverage

OWASP Top 10 is just the starting point—the Signal Sciences platform helps our customers protect against application DDoS, brute force attack, unique business logic issues, bots, and more. Our solution is the most extensive on the market, allowing our customers to protect against the full spectrum of threats their applications face.

Security data how and where you need it.

Instead of dictating how you view data, Signal Sciences integrates into your DevOps, development, and security workflows, providing real-time visibility on a customizable dashboard and API. The immediate and detailed reporting clearly points out where and how applications are attacked to help you prioritize resources and empower entire teams—not just security experts—to collaborate and strategize.



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