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Signal Sciences FOR TECHNOLOGY

Web Application Security at the Speed of Innovation

Signal Sciences Protects Technology Leaders

5 of the Top 100 eCommerce Companies

5 of the 10 Largest Software Companies

4 of the Top 5 Streaming Video Services

What were once considered disruptive technologies are now the norm: instead of renting movies on DVD, we stream them over broadband connections.  Boxed software is a relic in an app-centric software ecosystem where updates occur constantly in the background on our devices. Smartphone apps enable the control of lights, locks and garage doors while video doorbells and cameras record and save video footage to the cloud for later viewing.

All of these technical innovations share one constant: they are delivered using web applications, APIs and microservices–the core pieces of many disruptive technologies. And Signal Sciences is there alongside them to protect the connected, cloud-first technology products and services of today and tomorrow.

Built from inception to inspect and decision on high volumes of web requests, Signal Sciences next-gen web application firewall (WAF) and runtime application self-protection (RASP) solution now protects more than 250 billion production web requests weekly and identifies and stops unique attackers every minute.

Built to Protect Cloud-Delivered Products and Services

From media and entertainment to SaaS-based services to hardware manufacturers designing and providing cutting edge physical devices, Signal Sciences protects the apps, APIs and microservices that form the core of these companies’ innovative products and services. Our patented, automated cloud-native solution detects and prevents targeted web layer attacks on any app while helping customers of all sizes meet critical regulatory compliance.

Defending the Technology Vanguard’s Digital Assets


Empower teams with intuitive dashboards and integrations that share key insights and attack details.



Provide reliable blocking decisions across OWASP Top 10, API abuse, Account Takeover feature abuse, and more


Protect critical apps, APIs and microservices wherever they run with no signatures to manage and no impact on performance

Technology-focused organizations leverage Signal Sciences next-gen WAF to gain real-time insight and control over the health of all of their digital assets that operate at the web layer and still maintain PCI-DSS 6.6 compliance.  These insights empower technical innovators to not only protect critical web apps but pinpoint issues the jeopardize application security for immediate remediation.

Shield Quotes

“The architectural openness and extensibility of the product, along with its performance and scalability ensured us that Signal Sciences could support us well into the future.”

Daniel Leslie, Director of Security Intelligence & IT Operations for Namely

Revolutionizing Web Application Security for Technology Companies

Empowering A Cloud-based Presentation Platform With Advanced Web App Security

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation platform with over 100 million users. Due to tremendous growth, Prezi sought to replace an existing, labor-intensive tool with a new web application firewall (WAF) to provide automated, accurate protection for their web applications.


Before Signal Sciences, Prezi used an open source IDS/IPS solution. Prezi needed an offering that could automatically and reliably detect attack patterns on web traffic without the noise (e.g., hundreds of notifications to matches on regular expression signatures) and provide integrations to gain advanced insights.


Signal Sciences showed immediate value by providing application-specific protection via Power Rules. Signal Sciences solution provided the following key benefits for Prezi:



  • Easy to install into any architecture and process
  • Meaningful alerting and blocking that filter out noise
  • Empowers developers to thwart attacks and abuse
  • Customized alerting for application-specific use cases

Protecting Saas-based Law Enforcement Evidence Platform

Since its founding in 1993, Axon (formerly TASER International) has been at the forefront of innovation in public safety technology.

Challenge, Axon’s advanced evidence management system, required an equally advanced web application security approach. Unfortunately, traditional WAFs weren’t compatible with Axon’s modern architecture and couldn’t be effectively deployed in production blocking mode. The traditional WAF options were inline and represented a potential single point of failure, which was unacceptable to the teams designing and operating the platform.


Signal Sciences provided the ability to accurately detect and intelligently block attacks in progress against sensitive data and assets for their agency customers, while not impacting performance, and operational efficiency.



  • Real-time alerting on web application attacks and visibility into blocking decisions
  • Helps prioritize security resources so they can focus on the most targeted parts of their applications
  • Enables Axon’s security team to focus on more strategic decisions and initiatives without sifting through logs or maintaining detection rulesets.

Security Standards Compliant

Signal Sciences is committed to ensuring we deliver the highest standards
of security for our customers.

SEC compliance
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