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Signal Sciences FOR HEALTHCARE

Securing the Web Apps That Power Healthcare

The Challenge with Healthcare

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, but even more so in healthcare: from medical research to patient care to prediction and prevention, research firm IDC predicts the healthcare industry will generate 2,314 exabytes of data in 2020 and increase 48 percent annually. There are over 300,000 mobile health apps that enable medical staff to communicate with patients and consumers to track personal health data.

Doctors and nurses are no longer tethered to desks but instead can enter data, review test results, observe patient drug intake and make medical recommendations from anywhere. Medical device manufacturers leverage the latest operating system enhancements to share data and allow for remote monitoring and device control.

Protect Critical Apps While Ensuring Compliance


Self-serve security data makes your team security self-sufficient



90% of Signal Sciences customers are in blocking mode in production


Easy deployment and management with the fastest time-to-value in the industry

The ecology of applications, APIs and microservices that empower the digital transformation of the healthcare and life sciences industries requires protection and compliance: HIPAA is federal legislation that sets privacy standards for safeguarding medical information. Should attackers penetrate a healthcare company’s defenses to gain access to sensitive patient data, HIPAA penalties that hold medical organizations accountable will impact an organization’s bottom line.

Healthcare and life sciences firms that use Signal Sciences gain real-time insight and control over the health of all of their digital assets that operate at the web layer and still maintain HIPAA compliance. Signal Sciences provides visibility and analytics into application security, web request patterns and would-be attack patterns. These insights empower companies to not only protect critical web apps but pinpoint issues the jeopardize application security for immediate remediation.


Signal Sciences’s operational processes are HIPAA compliant. The U.S. HIPAA, as amended, including Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, is a federal law that enables healthcare companies to incorporate technology into their businesses while ensuring data privacy and security.

Shield Quotes

“Traditional signature-based firewalls cannot keep up with the constantly evolving zero-day attacks that health care companies like us face today. Signal Sciences offers advanced detection with lexical analysis and telemetry data and easy deployment options.”

Chandra Kalle, Director of Engineering for LeanTaaS

Healthcare Case Studies

Signal Sciences is revolutionizing web application security for healthcare companies.

Securing a Healthcare Data Analytics Platform for LeanTaaS

LeanTaaS serves some of the leading hospitals and healthcare providers across the country using a lean approach coupled with data analytics to create more efficient medical facilities.


LeanTaaS needed a solution that could secure their cloud-based web services and APIs as well as meet their HIPAA compliance requirements.


Signal Sciences detects and blocks web layer threats and provides deep visibility across all their web services. Signal Sciences is now a core component of LeanTaaS’ security and compliance toolkit.



  • Strengthens security in fast-paced development cycles
  • Achieves compliance within the highly regulated healthcare industry
  • Provides flexible, scalable application security for cloud-hosted applications

Providing a Modern Architecture and Innovative Capabilities for Castlight

Castlight supporting millions of users globally who access private health and wellness data so they can be proactive in managing their healthcare.


Castlight sought a replacement to its incumbent web application firewall (WAF) to achieve advanced security controls with better performance and fewer maintenance issues.


Signal Sciences provided Castlight with a modern architecture and innovative capabilities that recouped 10 hours per month in maintenance, cut in half the time spent on report preparation for executives, and surfaced 50% more attacks it could block and respond to, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.



  • Castlight leverages enhanced web app security with less maintenance.
  • Sophisticated insights from Signal Sciences Network Learning Exchange stops web layer attacks before they can start.
  • DevOps tool integrations and alerts unity their teams with a modern security approach.

Securing Quality Healthcare in the Cloud

False positives in One Medical’s environment meant doctors could be blocked from critical functions such as submitting prescriptions. While evaluating other solutions, One Medical’s teams found they were difficult to deploy into their cloud first technology stack and caused false positives.


One Medical needed a solution that could help them gain more real-time visibility of their cloud applications while staying compliant with HIPAA regulations.


Signal Sciences enabled a partnership between engineering and security teams to make strategic improvements to their security posture with real-time visibility into the application layer.



  • No hassle deployment was supported by all stakeholders
  • Helped security build a business case for more strategic security hires
  • Improved real-time visibility, decisioning, and action in the application layer
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