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Protecting Financial Transactions at Scale

Connected homes, contactless bank cards, wearable devices and augmented reality all drive cashless transactions: by 2020 there will be 726 billion digital payment transactions. But these innovations also provide new threat vectors attackers can leverage to acquire  valuable account data.

Preventing fraudulent transactions that puts valuable financial assets at risk requires visibility and context around the web and API requests that form the backbone of new digital payment methods in addition to traditional web and mobile financial applications.

Web Layer Protection that Ensures PCI Compliance

Signal Sciences offers a cloud-native, automated web application security offering that scales with the growth of digital payment methods while enabling financial organizations to monitor, detect and stop layer web application layer attacks before would-be attackers can compromise customer accounts that provide access to valuable payment and bank account information.

Protect Critical Apps While Ensuring Compliance


Empower teams with intuitive dashboards and integrations that share key insights and attack details.



Provide reliable blocking decisions across OWASP Top 10, API abuse, Account Takeover feature abuse, and more


Protect critical apps, APIs and microservices wherever they run with no signatures to manage and no impact on performance

Financial services firms that use Signal Sciences gain real-time insight and control over all of their digital assets that operate at the web layer while maintaining compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). PCI-DSS compliance is required by all major credit card brands for any organization that processes payment cards or transfers and stores payment card data.

Signal Sciences next-gen web application firewall (WAF) provides visibility and analytics into application security, web request patterns and would-be attack patterns, thus meeting the PCI-DSS 6.6 requirement 6.6  These insights empower financial companies to not only protect critical web apps but pinpoint issues that jeopardize application security for immediate remediation.

Shield Quotes

“Aside from defending against the OWASP Top 10 attacks, Signal Sciences gives us enhanced visibility: we can now easily set up Power Rules to monitor and block activity that we couldn’t before.”

Evan Arnold, CTO

Finance Case Studies

Signal Sciences is revolutionizing web application security for finance companies.

Preventing Wire Fraud With Signal Sciences

Snapdocs offers a loan closing automation application for the mortgage industry that provides a workflow for buyers, lenders, title and escrow representatives, and notaries.


Snapdocs needed technology that could provide the real-time visibility to identify malicious actors’ requests and other attack event patterns so they could prevent account takeovers and upgrade their overall security posture.


Within 48 hours of enabled blocking mode in production Snapdocs not only blocked potential attacks but gained significant visibility provided by Power Rules. Snapdocs has seen its workload reduced by automating deployment and updates, and by getting quick access to informed insights without compromising app performance



  • Gain additional flexibility necessary to prevent attacks against known tactics
  • Streamline operations with alerts that surface security events quickly
  • Auto-scalable web defense to stop account takeovers

Securing API And Microservices For International Wiretransfers

OFX is an international financial transfer platform based in Sydney, Australia, that processes over $22 billion in wire transfers annually through its web application.


OFX required an application security solution that’s easy to install and use while effectively blocking malicious traffic automatically without causing production incidents. OFX needed to ensure their microservices weren’t implicitly trusting others and sought a product that would provide visibility into authentication requests.


The OFX security team deployed Signal Sciences easily without taxing the engineering team while gaining deep application visibility. After installing the software in minutes, the security team used Signal Sciences to uncover application errors that they weren’t expecting.



  • Authentication defense with Power Rules
  • Penetration testing visibility and validation
  • Engineering benefits without tradeoffs

Security Standards Compliant

Signal Sciences is committed to ensuring we deliver the highest standards of security for our customers.

SEC compliance
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