Signal Sciences solves the disconnect between the modern web and application security.

We’ve built a no-maintenance platform that intercepts malicious HTTP requests and turns out adaptive rules on your web application’s behalf. As a result, your team is freed up to focus on production and push new code confidently.

Learn How

A continuous
integration model.

We’ve engineered a security solution that’s ahead of the curve. The web is evolving fast, with DevOps, cloud infrastructure, new deployment tactics, AI, and more changing the landscape almost daily. Our modern web protection platform is up and running in a matter of minutes, feeding attack data to our customizable dashboard and all of your integrations in real time so that security, operations, and development teams can make informed, strategic decisions.

How It Works
continuous integration

Data feeds into the dashboard in real time, making attacks and anomalies instantly visible to your entire team.



Data feeds into the dashboard in real time, making attacks and anomalies instantly visible to your entire team.


Real-time Blocking

A robust and intelligent decision-making element blocks traffic on the production site so you can push new code confidently.


Custom Signals

Signal Sciences ditches the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of adaptive security that responds to each signal with a custom signal.


Integrations (Automation)

You name the app—we integrate with it. Signal Sciences enhances your security center’s workflow, bringing siloed teams together by democratizing security data.


Easy Installation

Set it and forget it—the Signal Sciences platform requires a quick install and nothing more in order to provide your web app with comprehensive online protection.



The OWASP Top 10 is the bare minimum—we take data further than basic indicators to give your web app extensive coverage, from application DDoS to brute force and business logic attacks.


Flexible Deployment Models (NGWAF, RASP, Reverse Proxy)

Because Signal Sciences runs wherever your web app does, there’s no need to change infrastructure.



Signal Sciences is exceptionally elastic, designed to scale up automatically to meet spikes in traffic.



The API does it all—you can pull data out, feed actions back in, and plug into existing internal systems.


Production Ready

Some 95% of our customers use Signal Sciences live with fully automated blocking enabled to protect their systems while increasing visibility.


Easy to Use

The Signal Sciences web protection platform keeps the learning curve low so that your team is all you need to make the most of it.

Our web protection platform works for entire teams. We prioritize flexibility and usability so that no matter your role—or online protection needs—Signal Sciences is made for you.

The world’s leading
organizations trust us.

Security is everything to us. We protect more than 6 billion requests each day for our customers, giving organizations with massive scale the application security they need. That’s why big players across industries trust Signal Sciences to protect their web apps and APIs. Operating on the modern web’s shifting landscape means both anticipating and solving web protection challenges—and that’s exactly what we do.

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