Chick-fil-A needed a flexible and effective web application security solution to protect customer-facing mobile and web apps.

Why Chick-fil-A Chose Signal Sciences

Signal Sciences provides both the ability to provide rich context for web request blocking decisions while being easy to deploy.

The Challenges Chick-fil-A Experienced

The incumbent legacy WAF reliant on pattern matching rulesets was not up to the task in a development lifecycle where distributed software design and deployments are the norm and the future app deployment environment will merge cloud and data center infrastructure.

The Results

With a distributed agent model that protects code where it operates, Signal Sciences provides effective web protection without impacting app performance. Chick-fil-A has also realized the following benefits:

  • Effective account takeover prevention without impacting app performance
  • Easy to deploy and use in any architecture—and at the network edge
  • Future-ready web application security for any environment
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