Etsy is a marketplace platform that engages creative entrepreneurs and consumers globally across a multitude of languages and devices. Etsy’s global community contains more than 1.6 million active sellers and 25 million active buyers, bringing an abundance of active traffic into its web applications and mobile APIs. In order to preserve the global community’s trust and production, Etsy considers the security of their web application a mission-critical responsibility.

Why Etsy Chose Signal Sciences’ WPP Solution

In June 2014, Etsy acquired A Little Market (a French online marketplace). At the time, Etsy had no visibility into A Little Market’s web application stack, but needed to gain coverage immediately post-acquisition. Their primary goals were gaining better visibility across all applications, while minimizing any potential risks and unknowns by blocking attacks. Due to Etsy’s success in gaining coverage over their main web application with Signal Sciences, Etsy chose to expand their Signal Sciences deployment to A Little Market as well.

The Challenges That Etsy Experienced

Previously, Etsy assessed several application security solutions available on the market at the time and found the following issues consistently:

  • Legacy WAF solutions didn’t meet Etsy’s needs.
  • Legacy WAF solutions often broke traffic in blocking mode.
  • Legacy WAF architectures didn’t work with modern infrastructure.

The Results

Rich Smith (Director of Security at Etsy, during the time of the acquisition) shared the following sentiment about his experience with Signal Sciences, “If I had an acquisition, using Signal Sciences is the first thing I would do to obtain real-time security visibility and attack blocking coverage. Signal Sciences has provided excellent support whenever my team has had questions or feature requests.”

Signal Sciences’ solution provided the following key benefits for Etsy:

  • Obtaining security visibility into a recent acquisition.
  • Confidence in blocking mode.
  • Easy deployment and integration.

As Etsy’s marketplace expands organically and via acquisitions, Signal Sciences will continue to provide a key piece of their overall strategy in keeping their members data secure.

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