Tyler Shields is the VP of Marketing at Signal Sciences. Prior to his role at Signal Sciences, Tyler was a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research covering all things application, mobile, and internet of things security. Tyler was also a former product owner and manager for mobile solutions at Veracode. He was responsible for contributing to global go-to-market strategy, mergers and acquisitions, technology due diligence, competitive intelligence, and product research and design. Previously, he was a security consultant for the boutique consulting firm @Stake, which was acquired by Symantec in 2006. In that role, he assessed the security of Fortune 500 customers, financial firms, educational institutions, and segments of the US government.

This 30 minute “Lunch & Learn” webinar will be a crash course on application security use cases. Tyler will break down the different use cases for RASP (runtime application self- protection), web application firewalls (WAF), and next generation WAF (NGWAF) solutions.

In the last few years, application security has been forced to reinvent itself due to the advent of cloud, containerization, agile, DevOps, and other modern development technology and process improvements. The old ways of doing application security are phasing out with the new approach being embedded into the fabric of how we build software. However, sometimes with innovation comes confusion.

In this quick lunch and learn webinar we will talk about the different types of modern application security approaches, which types are good for what use cases, and how you should consider changing your approach to application security to better fit today’s modern development world.