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Identify and Mitigate Malicious Bots with Signal Sciences Bot Protection

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Companies of all sizes rely on Signal Sciences to prevent bad bots from performing malicious actions against their websites and APIs. From content scraping to inventory abuse  to account manipulation, Signal Sciences can identify and mitigate malicious bots before they can negatively impact the bottomline and customers’ experience.

“We now spend less time manually blocking malicious bots and scrapers while reducing our workload with automated attack blocking.”

Gabriel Mizrahi, CTO at

Bot Attack Types

Malicious bots perform a variety of different attacks, all of which Signal Sciences can detect and mitigate including:

Bad BotContent Scraping

Bad BotCredit Card Abuse

Bad BotApplication DDoS / Resource Utilization

Bad BotMessage Spamming

Bad BotGift Card Abuse

Bad BotInventory Abuse

How Signal Sciences Mitigates Bad Bots

Signal Sciences monitors web application and API traffic for automated bot activity, giving customers visibility into bots on their applications and APIs, and the ability to block malicious/undesirable bots. With insight into traffic sources and request anomalies, Signal Sciences provides customers the ability to protect their applications without requiring application rewrites or client side code injection.

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of customers in full blocking mode IN PRODUCTION
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Built To Work With Your Architecture

protect apps at scale

Signal Sciences is a hybrid software as a service (SaaS) solution with two main components: Server-side software that deploys in your infrastructure within minutes and our powerful cloud-hosted analytics backend.

Architecture Overview

Architecture Overview

Our hybrid SaaS architecture couples fast local decisions for optimal performance with the power of cloud for enriched intelligence and accuracy

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Smart Web Security Protection

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Read more about how we prevent bot attacks for our customers:

Defeating malicious bots stealing valuable financial content and data is a global financial portal and internet brand composed of 30 editions in 22 languages and mobile apps for Android and iOS that provide financial news, analysis, streaming quotes and charts.

Challenge needed a solution that would detect and mitigate malicious actors’ bots that harvested valuable data and content for other exploitative purposes. The team was facing 30-40M content scraper requests per week that they needed to mitigate.


After deploying Signal Sciences on-premise in their data center,’s DevOps and network operations teams now see how and when scrapers are attempting to steal data from them—and block that activity at scale. They also gained visibility into malicious actors’ “below the radar” bot request patterns that are smaller in scope in an effort to avoid detection.


  • Fast time to value with quick install
  • Security that enables the CI/CD pipeline
  • ATO and bot protection with minimal effort

Preventing Wire Fraud

Snapdocs offers a loan closing automation application for the mortgage industry that provides a workflow for buyers, lenders, title and escrow representatives, and notaries.


To prevent fraud, Snapdocs sought to identify malicious actors’ requests and other attack event patterns to prevent account takeovers. Additionally, they wanted faster visibility into attackers’ web requests in order to trigger alerts to stop them.


To enhance the security of their digital toolset for mortgage closing, Snapdocs installed the Signal Sciences NGINX module and enabled blocking mode in production within 48 hours. After doing so, they not only blocked potential attacks but gained significant visibility provided by Power Rules.



  • Gain additional flexibility necessary to prevent attacks against known tactics
  • Streamline operations with alerts that surface security events quickly

Enhancing Control Over Web Application Threats

Sauce Labs provides the world’s largest continuous testing cloud for web and mobile applications.


Sauce Labs needed a single technology to protect its web applications distributed across a hybrid cloud environment with different application stacks.


Sauce Labs immediately gained intelligent blocking of web threats from Signal Sciences and used the visibility to identify unique application abuse, which they thwarted using Power Rules.

Sauce Labs


  • Clearer insights with Signals
  • Geo-blocking with Power Rules to Limit Click Fraud
  • An easy sell to other teams
The Bot Challenge

The Bot Challenge – Effective Detection, Analysis, & Mangement

Bots are now responsible for over 50% of all web traffic. 43% of all login attempts come from malicious botnets.

Detecting and Mitigating Bad Bots

Detecting and Mitigating Bad Bots

Learn how Signal Sciences protects apps and APIs from bad bots with precise web request inspection and decisioning.

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