The next generation of web application security.

Signal Sciences is transforming the way web application security works. No more out of touch approaches, instead a product built from real world experience. Our mission is to help security and development teams see clearly and make smart decisions.

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Visible security.

The real power comes from gaining insights from anomalies and attack chains in real time, responding quickly and being able to use this knowledge to shut down attacks before they happen.

Get the data needed to make strategic decisions.

Get detailed insights into your most attacked applications and functionality, type of attack, time of attack and point of origin.

Focus limited resources.

Armed with strategic data, you can make informed decisions where to focus resources to combat attacks.

See real time responses.

Attack data can be shared easily in real time with dev and security teams. Customize data the way you want to see it.

Blocking that won't break your app.

Anomaly data is aggregated in our backend and informs hyper reliable decisions. The result: If a request is blocked, there is a solid reason why.

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Confidently use blocking mode in production.

When your app developers ship a new feature, you know it won’t trigger a bunch of new false positives and break your app.

Block attacks, not business.

If a trigger is detected, we’ll block attacks from that IP, not valid traffic.

No single point of failure.

All core bits of technology are built fail open and asynchronous to provide performance and reliability guarantees.

See the Signal Sciences dashboard in action.

Flexible architecture deploys in the cloud—or whatever infrastructure hosting you choose.

The old-school security products didn’t offer the flexibility we needed when pushing code into production multiple times a day. So we engineered Signal Sciences from the ground up with the flexibility to accommodate scalability, and continuous integration and deployment.

Infinitely elastic.

If you have to spin up additional servers to meet a spike in traffic, the agents will automatically connect back to the cloud in real time. It’s a natural part of your infrastructure.

Up and running in minutes.

No hardware to plug in. Just one line config change and you're good to go.

API driven.

Everything you see in the dashboard, you can also do via the API. You can pull data out, feed actions back in and plug into existing internal systems.

Integrate into 3rd party apps.

We make data easy to access in whatever app your team uses: Slack, JIRA, Splunk, Kibana and more.

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