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Next-Generation Web Application Firewall

“Hands down best WAF product I’ve ever used.”
– Security Engineer, Services Industry

“Best immediate, out of the Box value I’ve ever seen from a vendor/product”
– Sr. Vice President, Manufacturing Industry

Why Our Customers Love Us:
Our next-gen WAF using patented SmartParse technology results in fast, accurate decisioning. Easy install options for almost any infrastructure means fast time to visibility, value, and protection.

See why companies of all sizes are choosing Signal Sciences for their web application protection. Request a demo today!



Blocking That Works

95% of customers in full blocking mode.


High Performance & Scalable

28,000+ apps protected.


Deploys Anywhere

Supports 42+ cloud native and datacenter platforms.

Key Differences Between
Signal Sciences Next-gen WAF and Legacy WAFs

Signal Sciences was designed with modern application design in mind, but our technology, operating in reverse proxy, can also effectively protect legacy apps. It’s protection for your web app layer assets wherever they operate.

Signal Sciences Next-Gen WAFLegacy WAF
Deploy in under an hour
Compatible with servers, hybrid, on-prem, serverless & more
Web Attack Coverage Beyond the OWASP Top 10: Bad bots, app abuse, business logic attacks etc.
95% of customers running in full blocking mode in production
Virtual Patching
PCI 6.6 Compliant

Trusted by Leading Companies

Signal Sciences protects trillions of production requests per month across thousands of websites & applications for industry-leading customers.


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Gartner MQ Leading Visionary and
Peer Insights Customers’ Choice

Signal Sciences named a Visionary in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls

Gartner Magic Quadrant
Gartner Magic Quadrant
Gartner Peer Insights

Signal Sciences enables the security team to understand and track malicious activity against our applications keeping our customers safe. After its deployment and configuration there have been zero false positives.

Anson Gomes, Lead Security Engineer, Betterment

“It’s refreshing to work with a security product that not only provides exceptional security benefits, but also prioritizes performance, reliability, and overall operational manageability.”
Jenner Holden
“All vendors should take a leaf out of the Signal Sciences Professional Services Team’s book; they provide great value and were able to help us accelerate securing our applications much faster than we could on our own.”
Jason Marley
“Signal Sciences pulls out needles from the haystack in one quick view, and it integrates with all of our ChatOps tooling—it’s powerful. I don’t have to be a security expert to understand what’s going on.”
Ben Rockwood
One Medical
“We have always proactively prioritized security at One Medical. We wanted better visibility into our application layer, which is what led us to choose Signal Sciences.”
Jérémie Meyer de Ville

Designed to Protect the Modern Web

Reliable, Automated Blocking of Attacks

  • Runs directly in your web servers or application code
  • Fail-open architecture keeps your site running fast
  • Proprietary SmartParse requires no tuning or maintenance
Site Integrations

DevOps Focused Protection

  • Easily deployed by operations teams
  • Cross-team visibility into metrics, performance and trends
  • Integrated into toolchains for quick access and collaboration

Coverage Across All Threats

  • Immediate blocking of common OWASP attacks
  • Blocks account takeovers, bad bots, application denial of service and more
  • Meets PCI 6.6 requirements, but doesn’t stop there

See It For Yourself. Request a Demo Today!

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