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Case Studies


Remitly uses insights from Signal Sciences to defend their applications and APIs without false positives.
Remitly needed a technology that could satisfy PCI requirements and protect customers’ valuable and sensitive transactions through its mobile application.

The Challenges That Remitly Experienced

Remitly deals with irregular traffic patterns from around the world. Allowing questionable traffic carries the risk that the transactions are malicious, requiring Remitly to reimburse the cost of the fraudulent transfers. Blocking the traffic, if valid, would prohibit customers from sending funds to loved ones.

Why Remitly Chose Signal Sciences

A traditional WAF would have no way of distinguishing this traffic. Signal Sciences was able to provide Dashboards and alerts to the team, providing insights about about what was actually going on.

The Results

Remitly’s security team was able to instrument and defend their web applications and APIs with a solution that doesn’t create false positives or block their customers’ traffic.

  • They allowed good traffic and blocked malicious requests coming from the same network.
  • They achieved PCI compliance and beyond without high resource costs.
  • They found a solution that’s flexible across their public and private web applications and API endpoints.

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