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OFX relies on Signal Sciences to protect against OWASP attacks and authentication abuse in its cloud-first microservices infrastructure.
Microservices and API Security for OFX’s International Wire Transfer Business

Why OFX Chose Signal Sciences

OFX is an international financial transfer platform based in Sydney, Australia, that processes over $22 billion annually through its web application. OFX required an application security solution that’s easy to install and use while effectively blocking malicious traffic automatically without causing production incidents.

The Challenges OFX Experienced

OFX partners interact with the OFX platform via APIs that talk to microservices internal to the OFX network. But OFX wanted to ensure their microservices weren’t implicitly trusting others and sought a product that would provide visibility into authentication requests.

The Results

The OFX security team and cloud architect were able to deploy easily without taxing the engineering team while gaining deep application visibility. After installing the software in minutes, the security team used Signal Sciences to uncover application errors that they weren’t expecting.

Signal Sciences solution provided the following key benefits for OFX:

  • Authentication defense with Power Rules
  • Penetration testing visibility and validation
  • Engineering benefits without tradeoffs

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