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Case Studies


Maritz relies on Signal Sciences to protect 90% of their total applications across multiple business units.
Several business units within Maritz accept credit card information and therefore must report annually on PCI DSS compliance. To enhance the Maritz’ security posture in support of PCI DSS requirement 6.6, the team implemented a web application firewall as an additional layer of security to the Maritz-hosted PCI environment.

The Challenges That Maritz Experienced

With so many different business units and applications accompanied by different technology stacks, the team needed to find a single product to deploy across current and future hosting environments, whether physical or virtual, on-premises or cloud.

Why Maritz Chose Signal Sciences

With previous experience using an open source that required extensive manual effort to operate, Maritz was looking for ease of use, including automated blocking and simple deployment.

The Results

After initially deploying Signal Sciences to 5% of its corporate application footprint, the rollout was so successful that they’re expanding to cover 90% of total applications across multiple business units.

  • The simple deployment accelerated adoption across teams and tech stacks.
  • They found savings across the board: no dedicated FTEs were required.
  • They achieved development and operational benefits, like visibility and virtual patching.

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