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Case Studies deployed Signal Sciences to defeat malicious bots stealing valuable financial content and data.
READ FULL CASE STUDY needed a solution that would detect and stop malicious actors’ bots that harvested valuable data and content for other exploitative purposes. The team was facing 30-40M content scraper requests per week that they needed to stop.

Why Chose Signal Sciences is a global financial portal and internet brand composed of 30 editions in 22 languages and mobile apps for Android and iOS that provide news, analysis, streaming quotes and charts, technical data and financial tools about the global financial markets.

The Challenges Experienced

An advertising-supported business, pays financial exchanges for financial markets data and content to publish to its user base: they needed an effective solution to detect and stop malicious actors deploying content-harvesting bots.

The Results

After deploying Signal Sciences on-premise in their data center,’s DevOps and network operations teams now see how and when scrapers are attempting to steal data from them—and block that activity at scale. They also gained visibility into malicious actors’ “below the radar” bot request patterns that are smaller in scope in an effort to avoid detection.

Signal Sciences solution provided the following key benefits for

  • Ability to Meet European GDPR privacy requirements while protecting customer data
  • Deploy a future-proof WAF solution on premise without impacting app performance
  • Gain visibility while blocking attacks in production without false positives

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