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Scaling Web Protection Rapidly with Movember Foundation’s Needs
Movember had been using a rigid, traditional WAF deployment. Signal Sciences helped them transition to a seamless and secure web app protection solution that keeps up with their rapidly scaling cloud infrastructure.


Movember, a non-profit organization focused on making an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health, shifted to a cloud environment in order to better serve their donors and campaign participants, organizational initiatives and streamline processes. While transitioning to a cloud environment, the Movember team found that conventional WAF solutions could not scale during peak traffic periods and performance without requiring constant tuning and intervention from their team. Movember struggled for six months attempting to fit a legacy WAF solution into their modern application infrastructure. The solution was never fully implemented causing frustration and resulting in a solution that had to be thrown away and replaced.

“There is no other product on the market that can scale and perform for seasonal traffic using a dynamic cloud environment.”
Byron Hill, Head of Technology


Signal Sciences helped the Movember Foundation shift from a rigid traditional WAF deployment to a seamless and secure web application protection solution in order to keep up with it’s rapidly scaling cloud infrastructure. Deployed in 20 days, the rapid implementation gave them the ability to find security visibility and protection value immediately.

Ease of implementation

The Movember team was able to deploy Signal Sciences into their development environment within 48 hours of starting their proof of concept trial. In addition to an easy installation experience, Movember’s entire timeline with Signal Sciences, including evaluation, purchase, and production implementation, was complete within 20 days.

Advanced security visibility and transparent reporting

The Signal Sciences cloud-based dashboard provided the Movember team with accurate reporting and data across all of their web applications. With Signal Sciences, they were able to report on operational data, specifically that Movember web applications were secure and scaling automatically and that the new security measures were not blocking actual traffic with no false positives.

Unrestricted scalability

Movember had a very important requirement that any solution put in place must support their unique scale requirements. The Signal Sciences’ offering is a cloud native solution that was able to dynamically scale and perform as the seasonal traffic increases and decreases.

“There is no other product on the market that can scale and perform for seasonal traffic using a dynamic cloud environment like Signal Sciences.”
Byron Hill, Head of Technology

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