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Case Studies


Chef relies on Signal Sciences for web application security at the speed of DevOps.
Chef’s engineering group demanded a security solution that could scale with their DevOps practices and business needs.

Why Chef Chose Signal Sciences

To help their customers be more secure, Chef’s engineering and operations teams wanted to bring more visibility into the changing vulnerabilities and attack vectors across their own applications.

The Challenges That Chef Experienced

Chef needed a security solution that could enable them to identify and solve security issues in the same way they were already able to respond to operational issues, without negatively impacting performance.

The Results

With our web application security technology, Chef found automated web app security that surfaces real-time attacks in Chef’s DevOps toolchain, all while blocking malicious traffic.

  • There’s no trade-off between security and performance.
  • It’s reliable security without the false positives.
  • You don’t need to be a security expert to understand what’s happening.

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