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Signal Sciences Privacy Notice For California Residents

Last Updated October 1, 2020

Signal Sciences, LLC. has prepared this California Privacy Notice (the “Notice”) to inform California residents of (1) the information that relates to or could reasonably be associated with California residents or households (“Personal Data”) that we collect and how we use and disclose that information and (2) the privacy rights California residents may have relating to their Personal Data and how those rights can be exercised. This Notice is incorporated into and forms part of our Privacy Policy. By using the Service, you agree to the practices described in this Notice. If you do not agree to this Notice, please do not access the Site or otherwise use the Service. All capitalized but undefined terms shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Privacy Policy.

  1. Personal Data Collection, Use, and Disclosure

The following table describes (1) the categories of Personal Data we collect, (2) examples of the types of information that fall within each category of Personal Data collected, (3) how we use each category of Personal Data, and (4) how we disclose Personal Data.

Category of Personal DataExamplesSources Of Personal DataUse of Personal Data Disclosure of Personal Data
Identification InformationYour name, email address, phone number, job title, and company name.We collect Identification Information from you, from marketing lead providers, and from publicly available data collected from the internet.We use Identification Information for marketing, sales, analytics, and communicating with you.We disclose Identification Information to our customer relationship management provider and our marketing automation system.
Communication InformationInformation included in your communications with us, such as when you attend one of our events or contact our sales or customer support teams.We collect Communication Information from you.We use Communication Information to respond to your questions and requests.We disclose Communication Information to our customer relationship management provider.
Location InformationFrom your IP address, our analytics provider will determine the country, state, and city from which you visit our Site. We do not receive your GPS or physical address, and the IP addresses are anonymized.We collect Location Information from you, but because your IP address is anonymized we cannot associate this information with you.We use Location Information for marketing and analytics.We disclose Location Information to our analytics and marketing automation providers.
Online Activity and Tracking InformationWhen you visit the Site we may collect your IP address, browser type/settings, the date, time, and length of your visit, your browsing history, and whether you open emails we send to you and/or click on any links within those emails.We collect  Online Activity and Tracking Information from you.We use Online Activity and Tracking Information for marketing and analytics.We disclose Online Activity and Tracking Information to our customer relationship management provider, our marketing automation platform, and our analytics provider.

For purposes of the California Consumer Privacy Act, we do not and will not sell your Personal Data. Please note that we may share Personal Data in connection with a Transaction as described in our Privacy Policy.

  1. California Privacy Rights

To the extent provided for by law and subject to applicable exceptions, California residents have the following privacy rights in relation to the Personal Data we collect:

  • The right to know what Personal Data we have collected and how we have used and disclosed that Personal Data;
  • The right to request deletion of your Personal Data; and
  • The right to be free from discrimination relating to the exercise of the foregoing privacy rights.

Exercising Your Rights: California residents can exercise the above privacy rights by emailing us at

Verification: in order to protect your Personal Data from unauthorized access or deletion, we may require you to verify your login credentials before you can submit a request to know or delete Personal Data. If you do not have an account with us, or if we suspect fraudulent or malicious activity, we may ask you to provide additional Personal Data for verification. If we cannot verify your identity, we will not provide or delete your Personal Data.

Authorized Agents: you may submit a request to know or a request to delete your Personal Data through an authorized agent. If you do so, the agent must present signed written permission to act on your behalf and you may also be required to independently verify your identity with us.

  1. Contact Us

If you have questions about this Notice or need to access this Notice in a different format, please contact us at:


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