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Category: Next Gen WAF

Sick of high WAF costs?
So are we.

A rapidly growing theme for essentially every CISO I’ve been speaking with these days is: how do we get more from our security controls for less spend. Reducing costs is a good thing for any organization at any time: the…

How Next-Gen WAF Empowers the DevOps Lifecycle

Signal Sciences next-gen WAF can send and receive data to and from a wide range of security and DevOps tools via our API and integrations with various infrastructure and security tooling. The layer 7 telemetry we gather from inspecting and…

Delivering a better WAF—Faster

At Signal Sciences, we’re in the business of reimagining the WAF and our purpose is to redeem the goal it set out to solve: automated protection of applications in production against known and unknown threats. We strive to do it…

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