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After two years of heads down product development and eight months of general release, I’m excited to announce the public launch of Signal Sciences’ industry-first Next Generation Web Application Firewall. With the assistance of an incredible group of early customers like Yelp, Taser, and Under Armour, we have been able to create a new security technology that enables businesses to be more effective (or “businesses to achieve more” or “to move faster”) while simultaneously delivering on security needs. But first, let me put aside the marketing jargon for a bit and explain why we aren’t your typical security vendor and why our customers love us for it.

1. We’ve built and run security programs before.

My co-founders and I built the security practice at before founding Signal Sciences and we have a number of other members of our team who have done the same at other organizations. At our core, we’re not a team of vendors, we’re practitioners. So we’ve actually lived through the same pressures, political battles, and software lifecycles as all our customers and that’s evident in our solution.

2. We don’t just understand the problems, we have actual experience solving them.

This is related to the practitioner’s point above but the nuance is that not only do we have a deep understanding of the variety of problems facing our customers, we have already gone through a series of both failed and, ultimately, successful attempts at solving them. Most practitioners are quite familiar with this point: regardless of how incredible the idea is, great solutions aren’t born overnight, they take time to develop. Great solutions are a combination of insight and experience. We’re lucky to benefit from a little bit of the former and a lot of the latter.

3. We have a mix of experience from enterprise and consumer.

Enterprise security software has historically been almost unusable from a product and design perspective. Despite the fact that when you really need to use a security tool, it’s typically under very stressful circumstances where the difference between good and bad usability can have serious consequences, the standards still haven’t evolved. We believe security professionals deserve better. We’re different because we draw on our collective experience from both the consumer and enterprise world to build a useful and usable solution.

Regardless of what we call our software, or how we categorize it, or what analysts say about it, the main thing that our customers love about us is that we are a team of practitioners who are building software designed for humans with tested solutions to problems we’ve faced before.

If you’re serious about building a modern, practical, and pragmatic security program, you should be talking to us because we’ve been there and we can help.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the problem we’re trying to solve and our approach:

In the age of cloud deployment and agile development, security teams are struggling to protect the applications being created and modified at a relentlessly quickening pace. A defensive strategy built on the assumption that it’s possible to review and fix code before it goes live is dying. Security teams need to monitor the state of their applications in real time. Signal Sciences has combined an innovative focus on visibility into the behavior of attackers with a new approach to application protection to enable security teams to both respond to attacks as they happen and also prioritize their limited proactive time with a more accurate calculation of risk.

If you’re interested in learning more, our team is easy to reach.

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