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The Top Ten Tweets of DevOps Days Chicago!

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We loved DevOps Days Chicago. It was a great event with 400 people. This was the first DevOps Days we have sponsored and it was great talking AppSec for modern architectures with folks. Special shoutout to Matt Stratton, Jerry Cattell and Michael Lanyon and the other organizers who put on such an epic event.


In this post, we highlight our 10 favorite tweets that we hope will give you a good overview of the event. Lets get started.

10. Infrastructure as Code marches on!

9. Burnout is still a problem that we haven’t solved as an industry

8. The Funniest Presentation Award goes to “DevOps Deep Thoughts by Not Jack Handy”

7. Even the venue whispered to you

6. Great tips on interviewing and hiring

5. Ken Mugrage dropped some Value Stream Mapping knowledge bombs on the crowd

4. Lots of good cultural insight and team building

3. Jill Jubinski had tons of pro-tips

2. There is plenty of market demand for DevOps

1. Even after all these years, DevOps is still fun!

Thanks again DevOps Days Chicago for a great conference!



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