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The Signal Sciences Culture

The DevOps Roadmap for Security

This is Signal Sciences’ DevOps Roadmap for Security e-book. This book will go over rugged principles, practices, and tooling.

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This week at the Signal Sciences’ HQ, we’re running one of our bi-annual company-wide events. With all the remote employees converging in one location we always feel it’s a bit like camp; as in camp like when you were a kid. This is why we fondly call it “Camp SigSci”.

Camp SigSci is a week of syncing up on company and team goals, as well as getting to know one another. This is a critical priority for our organization because almost half of the Signal Sciences family works remotely. As we continue to grow, we continue to foster a culture that prioritizes working together to innovate and making a meaningful shift in the broader application security market.

Our Culture

Hala Al-Adwan, Signal Sciences VP Technology, gave a great presentation on our team culture and we want to share it with you as well.

  • We win as a team, not as individuals, with collaboration and thoughtful communication.
  • We embrace accountability — we take responsibility for our code from inception through production
  • We love our customers — we strive to build user friendly solutions and provide empathetic support to all our users
  • We love technology and automation, and embrace that which makes us a little uncomfortable on the path to growth
  • We build incrementally, deploy often, fail quickly, learn and iterate

We‘ve been having a good time at Camp SigSci so we wanted to share some of the best moments with our readers.

What happens during Camp SigSci?

We’re fortunate to have a team of intelligent, opinionated, and fun loving people propelling Signal Sciences’ vision forward. During Camp SigSci we want to ensure that we’re working together, communicating, and pushing each other to do better. Camp days together usually involve a bit of #thoughtleadership and discussion around how we’re moving forward and changing the market together.

Photos courtesy of our very own Product Manager, Vernon

…And sometimes we let loose and have fun, too!

On the first official night of Camp SigSci, we all went out, had a couple of drinks, and got a little competitive at the bowling alley. At the end of the day, Signal Sciences is making meaningful improvements to the application security of our customers. It takes a team of smart and caring people to put the effort in that it takes to help secure the global web. If you are interested in joining Signal Sciences please click here and let us know. We would love to see you at our next Camp SigSci.

Photos courtesy of our very own Product Manager, Vernon

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At Signal Sciences we are building the industry’s first Next Generation Web Application Firewall (NGWAF). Our NGWAF was built in response to our own frustrations of trying to use legacy WAFs while enabling business initiatives like DevOps, cloud adoption and continuous delivery. The Signal Sciences NGWAF works seamlessly across cloud, physical, and containerized infrastructure, providing security without breaking production traffic.

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