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Team Member Spotlight: Cody Wood


Team Member Spotlight: Cody Wood

“A bit over three years ago, I was working as a Plant Operator in the high desert of California…”

Not words you’d expect to hear from an application security professional, or a Signal Sciences employee. Yet Cody Wood, a Technical Account Manager here at Sig Sci, says his mining experience has increasingly come into play in his AppSec career.



“As one would imagine, mining is generally not considered safe. Behavioral things like keeping a workspace clean, putting equipment away properly, and wearing proper personal protective equipment sometimes meant the difference of a fatality occurring or not,” he explained. “I was fortunate enough to work at an operation that not only met the checkboxes of safety, but also instituted the ideologies and culture that help sustain effective safety programs.”

He goes on to compare this to working in security: “The security success of any organization is often attributable to behaviors of individuals. Technology itself is not a solution to most problems. However, technologies that enable people to amplify good behaviors and address bad behaviors have proven to be effective at advancing our industry.”

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Cody embodies the classic “hacker” persona, and even since transitioning his career from mining operations to AppSec, he fills his free time with tech-centric activities including video gaming and General Assembly bootcamp.

Joining Signal Sciences in May 2017 as one of the founding members of the professional services team, Cody has been immensely helpful to our customers.
“Working on the professional services team at Signal Sciences feels like I’m able to actually assist businesses in defending their assets, as opposed to poking holes as a roundabout way of ‘helping’ them.”

Cody and the professional services team assist customers in the post-sales process, delivering a pragmatic and effective application security experience. His philosophy around how culture and security interlink is a huge pillar of Signal Sciences and our mission to break down silos between traditionally separate teams — security, development and operations.

Looking forward, Cody is excited to continue growing our professional services and expanding overall as a company.




“Sitting in our new office in Culver City is going to be a hard memory to beat. It’s truly inspiring to sit in a space that hasn’t quite filled out yet and imagine all the potential.”

 Signal Sciences is looking to hire more passionate and smart folks like Cody! If you are interested in joining Signal Sciences’ team, please check out our careers page.

If you don’t see a position that suits you, please email your resume and cover letter to We are a rapidly growing team are interested in connecting with job seekers for potential roles down the line.

Want to hear more from Cody? Check out a white paper he contributed to: Detecting Account Takeovers and Defending Your Users.

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