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Zane Lackey and @andrewbecherer

Andrew Becherer (DataDog) and Zane Lackey (Signal Sciences) gave this talk at the DevOps Connect: Rugged DevOps event at RSAC 2016.

Talk Description

DevOps and Agile development processes are popular objects of derision among the cool kids of application security. It turns out that many of these supposed disadvantages have very useful effects on our ability to engineer and operate secure services. This talk covers two of these defects turned advantages.

Special Thanks and more of the Talks

Thanks to Sonatype for making this video available. The rest of the videos from Rugged DevOps at RSAC 2016 are available now. The landing page for the videos is: Rugged DevOps at RSA Conference 2016: Full Video Series Signup. You’ll need to create a quick login, check your email for the access code and you’ll have immediate access to all 16 sessions.

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At Signal Sciences we are building the industry’s first Next Generation Web Application Firewall (NGWAF). Our NGWAF was built in response to our own frustrations of trying to use legacy WAFs while enabling business initiatives like DevOps, cloud adoption and continuous delivery. The Signal Sciences NGWAF works seamlessly across cloud, physical, and containerized infrastructure, providing security without breaking production traffic.

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