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For our fifth episode in the series, we are pleased to bring you, Shannon Lietz (devsecops) on the topic of Continuous Delivery. The Signal Sciences’ Lunch and Learn Series is geared for practitioners and every month we feature fast-paced 30 minute episodes to help you learn from leaders in our industry.

The DevOps Roadmap for Security

This is Signal Sciences’ DevOps Roadmap for Security e-book. This book will go over rugged principles, practices, and tooling.

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About the Topic

Software needs to be awesome, resilient, available and “secure”, but Security has long been a big roadblock to fast deployments and software improvement. What if it wasn’t? 

Continuous delivery requires operational functions to shift left and for an iterative approach to be taken. Security has not been easy to shift left and taking an iterative approach requires everyone to take responsibility. With a continuos security approach and everyone in the Software Supply Chain taking on the tasks of including security, its possible to achieve Rugged Software. This talk aims to provide a journey towards this approach and provide the path.

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