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Signal Sciences At SpringOne Platform 2017

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Signal Sciences at SpringOne Platform 2017

Signal Sciences is proud to be presenting at this year’s SpringOne Platform conference in San Francisco, December 4-7.

SpringOne Platform by Pivotal is the premier conference for those who build, deploy, and run cloud-native software. This unique four-day event brings together leading software companies, enterprises, and cloud experts to collaborate, share knowledge, and create transformational software.

Our own James “Famous Dad Jokes” Wickett, Head of Research at Signal Sciences. He will be speaking on Defense Oriented DevOps for Modern Software Development. Don’t miss his talk on Wednesday, December 6. There’s a promo code at the bottom if you haven’t signed up already.

So, what’s Defense Oriented DevOps all about? Well, teams that adopt Pivotal products and services are investing in changing the way their development and operations teams build and deploy applications. Their goal is to accomplish 2 things: speed and agility. SpringOne is a conference dedicated to many of theses principles specifically Cloud-Native, DevOps, CI/CD, Agile, Serverless, and Microservices.

If you’ve read any of our blogs or listened to us speak before, I know what you’re thinking – “man, this is deja vu.” That’s because these are the kinds of things that Signal Sciences talks about all the time. Join us to see how Signal Sciences and Pivotal work together. Pivotal is like the forklift helping large enterprises become more modern, and Signal Sciences naturally wraps these modern applications with security right at the platform level.

The DevOps Roadmap for Security

This Signal Sciences report provides a playbook to help bridge the gap between DevOps and Security tribes in your organization.

Free Ebook

So what’s so great about integrating at the platform level? It allows you to build security into the DevOps pipeline rather than being a tack-on service at the end. We all know tack-on services at the end get delayed and are disconnected from the application they’re protecting. “Baking” Signal Sciences directly into the platform is like putting your chocolate chips in the cookie batter before they bake, instead of after they come out of the oven. I, for one, like integrated chocolate chips, just the way I like my app security.

Sign up to attend the conference today and receive 20% off your conference pass with the following code: S1P_PART_SS20 .


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