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Team Member Spotlight: Andrea Swaney


Executive Spotlight: Stephen Gomann, Vice President of Sales, and Randy Paulk, Vice President of Sales Engineering

Signal Sciences welcomes two industry leaders, Stephen Gomann, VP Sales, and Randy Paulk, VP Sales Engineering, to drive our sales team.

Gomann and Paulk bring expertise in scaling sales teams and delivering world class solutions to enterprise companies across the globe. We sat down with the new execs to discuss their backgrounds and their plans to grow the company’s business across multiple industries and geographies.

Signal Sciences (SS): Tell us a bit about your background.   

Stephen Gomann (SG): I’ve spent 24 years selling software in ERP, cloud, security and mobility.  Throughout my career, I’ve mainly focused on large enterprises with an emphasis on security.  Over the last 2 years I’ve led a team of direct, inside and channel teams consisting of well over 100 people across the Americas.

Randy Paulk (RP): I am a sales professional with a strong technical background selling software solutions including customer care, eCommerce, security, data loss prevention, and mobility for over 25 years. My primary discipline or focus has been sales engineering. I have held both individual contributor and leadership positions at various points in my career.

SS: What prompted you to join Signal Sciences?

SG: At MobileIron, we had built an automated machine, selling hundreds of transactions a quarter with over 14,000 customers. My interest in taking the leap to Signal Sciences was to do that again at an up and coming company with a great product, filled with smart people addressing the future of application security. Signal Sciences has all of those things.   

RP: My true passion is working for high tech startup companies. At this point in my career, I feel I have enough hands-on experience to contribute to these companies in a very meaningful way.  As I looked for opportunities to further my career in this area, I was introduced to Signal Sciences and its founders. Signal Sciences has everything I was looking for in a startup company–great culture, outstanding products, premier customers, and a real passion for excellence. The choice was so obvious.

SS: What motivates you, what inspires you?   

SG: Adding value for my customers and employees. Nothing satisfies me more than knowing we helped an organization address a real problem. That requires software with a strong engineering team, well thought out support and a sales team that connects the dots between a customer’s requirements and our solution. Over the years, I’ve also had the great fortune of helping people grow in their sales career. I love nothing more than hearing how many of them are thriving out there in the software world!

RP: It’s easy. I love working with talented, high energy, creative people. People build the software products, sell the solutions and provide customer care after the sale. If we recruit and train our employees with great passion and care, we can build a great company that will last.  Signal Sciences established this philosophy from the very beginning.

SS: What are some of your all-time career highlights and “wins”?

SG: After selling software for all these years, I’ve been fortunate enough to do business with most of the global 2000 in the Americas. It’s also extremely important to continue to hit our quota numbers, and at my previous employer, my team did just that 20 quarters in a row with some of the largest companies in the Americas. Building, training and creating an environment in which my team can be successful is the highlight of everything we do.   

RP: I was fortunate to become a member of the MobileIron team very early on. I had the opportunity to sell and work closely with our early customers and partners. One very strategic company I worked with was AT&T. This early customer relationship allowed us to rapidly grow our sales over the next several years and provided the basis for a great mobility partnership. I also had the great privilege to build and lead some very fine sales engineering teams over my career.

SS: Tell us about teams that you’ve scaled and milestone achievements you’ve reached with those teams.  

SG: At MobileIron, I started out West and then scaled to the rest of Americas across inside, channel, operators, etc. It starts with hiring the right people. You need people on your team who are self-motivated and strive for excellence. My job is to create an environment in which they can achieve their maximum potential that is focused on training, process and the team. Our teams need to have a very clear understanding of the solution we are providing our customers and the value it delivers. The team also needs the materials, tools and back end processes to help them do their jobs effectively.  And finally, they always sell and learn as a team.

RP: When I joined MobileIron, our sales organization was very young and without best practices and methodology. Sales Engineering hadn’t yet been developed and the mobility space was changing rapidly before our eyes. Over the course of the next several months, we implemented many strategic best practices and a sales methodology that would allow us to scale the sales organization for the future. The basis for all our work was hiring great people and preparing them well for their jobs. We focused early on the idea that building the correct best practices and methodology would allow us to scale the business over time. We were disciplined to do these things while we were small, which allowed us to fine tune our processes as we grew.

SS: It’s been discussed by several industry thought leaders that security is changing to a new era, embracing devops, and being a business enabler. How do you see Signal Sciences role in that?

SG: The value we deliver brings both devops and security together because our software addresses both of their needs and requirements in this new era of cloud.  Because of this I see Signal Sciences becoming the standard Web Protection Platform for the enterprise.

RP: Signal Sciences plays a key role in the two important areas that you mention, security and devops.  As more and more mission critical applications make their way to the cloud, securing intellectual property becomes top priority.  And as you know, when you think of cloud based apps, you think of speed. Devops is under even more pressure to deliver these mission critical apps quickly.  Signal Sciences cloud based solutions provides robust real-time security and helps devops accelerate apps to production.

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