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Infographic: Eliminating “Proof of Concept” Friction for Web Application & API Protection (WAAP) Platforms

When it comes to vendor evaluation for new services, any software sales team can tell you that security and development teams are tough cookies to crack. Now that security is a board-level concern, the RFP process must ensure that the product meets the requirements of multiple stakeholders with competing budgets and conflicting goals. And IT and network departments want technology that easily integrates with existing infrastructure. 

At Signal Sciences we understand what’s at stake when you introduce a new security service into your environment. Reaching the “proof of concept” stage in your product evaluation is already an investment of time, money, and political capital to get your development, security, and operations teams on board—so we want to make it as frictionless, fast, and easy for you to learn about how Signal Sciences protects your apps and APIs.

To show how easy it is to evaluate our  Next-Generation WAF and web app and API protection platform, we created an infographic that walks you through the steps of our POC process, with a little help from some customer testimonials. 

Bottom line? You can test and evaluate our protective capabilities in as little as two weeks. And with 95% of our customers in blocking mode in production, you can be sure that companies all over the world trust us to protect their applications, APIs, and microservices. 

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POC infographic Signal Sciences


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