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Matt Johansen & James Wickett

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Sk8ting on Thin Ice: Crash Course in Kubernetes and Security

Another episode of Signal Sciences’ Lunch and Learn Series is happening this month! The Lunch and Learn Series is a webinar series geared for practitioners. Every month we are featuring fast-paced 30 minute episodes to help you learn from leaders in our industry. For our third episode in the series, we are pleased to bring you, Matt Johansen, Director of Security at Honest Dollar.

About the Topic

This 30 minute “Lunch & Learn” webinar will be a crash course on in Kubernetes and security.

Kubernetes is Google’s answer to container orchestration and some of the tools it provides developers are indistinguishable from black magic. However, with the power that it provides it also can let you fall into some security holes that are hard to climb out of.

For a DevOps practitioner or enthusiast this will allow you to walk a way with a better understanding of Kubernetes as a whole, and how to secure it right from the ground up. Learn to monitor your infrastructure properly for malicious behavior, how to respond to incidents, and some simple best practice security hygiene.

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