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Matt Tesauro & James Wickett

Cloud Security, DevOps, Modern Security Series

Lunch & Learn Series: AppSec Pipelines — Taking the best of Agile, DevOps and CI/CD into your AppSec Program

Another Signal Sciences’ Lunch and Learn Series is happening this month! It’s a webinar series geared for practitioners. Every month we are featuring fast-paced 30 minute webinars to help you learn from leaders in our industry. For our second episode in the series, we are pleased to bring you, Founder and CTO of Infinitive, as well as Senior Software Engineer at Pearson, Matt Tesauro! Matt will be covering application security programs and how to approach it through a combined framework of Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD.

Can’t attend? Register anyway! We will send out slides and webinar recording to all registrants after the event.

About the Topic

How many applications are in your company’s portfolio?
What’s the headcount for your AppSec team?

Whatever your situation is, I am sure the numbers are not in your favor. This talk covers the OWASP AppSec Pipeline project which provides real world examples from AppSec programs at several different companies who have seen increases of 5x in productivity. Companies covered include Rackspace with approximately 4,000 employees and Pearson with 40,000 . Both have an international presence and far more apps and developers that AppSec staff. The talk will also cover the key principles to speed and scale up AppSec programs using an AppSec Pipeline as well as practical examples of these practices put into use. Start early and begin to buy down the technical security department by leaving the traditional AppSec program thinking behind.

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