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Blackhat And Defcon… It’s A Wrap!

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Blackhat and Defcon… It’s a wrap!

Last week, we brought the Signal Sciences crew to Blackhat and DEF CON. For the uninitiated, this is the security event of the year, only rivaled in size by RSA Conference in San Francisco. In fact, both conferences are so big that they are held almost exactly six months apart from each other every year. With Blackhat and DEF CON descending on the hot soil of Vegas, this is THE week for infosec stories and lore to be created.

At Signal Sciences we have the tradition of taking over a poolside cabana and visiting with customers, friends, and fellow infosec peers. We think of it as a bit of an oasis amidst the conference fray.

This year we had cabanas at the Mandalay Bay during Black Hat and at the Paris Hotel during DEF CON.

So we spread out some towels

And turned up the party…

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We had a great time connecting with everyone that stopped by our cabanas. We spoke to groups from both sides of the aisle (DevOps and Security) about Signal Sciences and how we’re making a fundamental shift in the application security space. The meaningful conversations we had only re-confirmed that Signal Sciences is moving the needle forward in the right direction for better web app security.

We plan on doing the cabana again next year and hope to see you there.

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