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I am excited to announce the All Day DevOps conference happening in November. It’s a 100% online conference that is free to attend. It’s going to be a loaded conference with 54 sessions running for 15 hours. The conference spans the workdays from London to Austin to San Francisco.

The DevOps Roadmap for Security

This is Signal Sciences’ DevOps Roadmap for Security e-book. This book will go over rugged principles, practices, and tooling.

Free Ebook

 Even with the phenomenal growth of DevOps with conferences around the globe like DevOps Days, DevOps Connect and DevOps Enterprise Summit, we realized that many people are unable to attend a conference in person for numerous reasons. The goal of All Day DevOps is to bring some of the best DevOps content to you at no cost. When I heard about this idea from Mark Miller I was really excited to help with this conference.

The conference consists of three tracks: Modern Infrastructure, Automated Security, and CI/CD.

Track One: Modern Infrastructure:

  • Container Orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes, Swarm)
  • Application Centric Approaches (e.g. Chef Habitat, Terraform, …)
  • Serverless (e.g. AWS Lambda)
  • Microservices
  • Other Infrastructure as Code topics

Track Two: Automated Security

  • DevSecOps success stories
  • Strengthening Application Defenses
  • Security Tools in the CI/Delivery Pipeline
  • Security in the Supply Chain
  • Open Source Innovations

Track Three: CI/CD—Continuous Everything

  • CI/CD implementations and case studies
  • Using the Cloud in CI/CD
  • Open Source usage and CI/CD
  • Quality and Metrics

The Call For Papers is Open

Registration (free) is also open

I hope to see you there!



Thanks for reading

I wrote a short book on The Roadmap for DevOps and Security that outlines the 4 key areas Security can provide value in a DevOps organization. At Signal Sciences we provide a modern approach to application security and web application firewalls that DevOps shops love. I hope you find it useful.

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